Advantages of Filming on a Sound Stage


Every producer and director of films always have to make a lot of decisions in filming especially if it has to do with where to film the scenes – in a sound stage or in an actual location.  Sound stage production can cost you a lot and it depends on several factors like the city where it is located, the project length, and even the time of the year.  If the sound stage is located in a high demand area such as Hollywood, then it can cost your thousands per day.  Building your sets from scratch for the sound stage is one of the other expenses that you need to consider.  All the things you will need for your filming, the furniture, lighting and scenic backdrops must be created and installed.

Location shooting can also be expensive but comparing the two will make it more cost effective.  It only takes negotiations with a city government or a building owner to get a fair rate, and you don’t need to spend much on background since they are already in place. You may check it out!

It is important to a director to be able to control the elements of a scene.  When they choose a place for filming they consider this aspect of being able to control the elements.  When filming on a sound stage, you are able to manipulate temperature, noise level and quality of light.  When you go out on location, there is always an element of unpredictability.  A change in weather can delay everything, and wastes valuable time and money.

Another thing that directors consider is the matter of authenticity.  When the film setting calls for detail, you need to pay attention to it.  It is ideal to do the production in a sound stage if most of the scenes center on dialogues between two people in a jail cell, for example, but it is not suitable for scenes requiring elaborate chase scenes since it requires real streets and traffic.  The kind of scene that is being shot will determine where to shoot it for green screen authenticity.  Simple talking scenes is best done on a sound stage, and there are some action scenes that can be done on location although it is also possible some of these action scenes in sound stages.

Check the background details the next time you watch a film.  Scenes filmed on a sound stage may look very real unless you take time to look  closely and see the background with props and skillfully designs backdrops. Be sure to visit this website at and learn more about sound systems.

Using the sound stage for filming has its own advantages.  It may cost expensive but you are able to control the environment and the elements, and you are able to make something authentic from it.


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